About me

Ann-Katrin Kolb

Acrylic Pouring and Fluid Painting

In the production I take the elements, such as air, fire and water to help me to let the colors dance. Personally, it is important to me to use high-quality artist acrylic paints with a high pigmentation to ensure the radiance of the colors permanently. For the eye-catcher flow magical metal effects, such as gold, silver, copper or bronze in my abstract paintings. Finally, the unique piece is protected with a gloss varnish, firstly to increase the color transparency and secondly to protect the fading of colors by ultraviolet radiation. In my solid wood stretcher frame, the paint also encloses the edges, so it does not require expensive framing and can be hung immediately after purchase. All my paintings are signed and dated.

Shipping and packing

My artwork is securely packaged by me personally. Shipped by a reliable service provider with tracking number, which I will give you. So you can track your painting on its journey to you.

Gift searched?

Maybe you are looking for a gift for their loved ones and can not find anything.... Maybe try art, it's something special and for eternity. I am constantly updating my stock, so if you haven't found anything interesting yet, please keep checking back or feel free to contact me at ann-katrin.kolb@gmx.net if you would like to purchase a personalized painting (color palette, size...).


In my painting process, I'm constantly mindful of the environment so that it doesn't get even more polluted. I do this by using reusable cups and boxes....